Good Junk

goodjunk_dsWhile wrestling with guilt over having accidentally killed an MMA opponent in a sparring session, private detective Cliff St. James assists New Orleans Police in investigating the murder of a US government “black projects” engineer.

St. James quickly uncovers a murky netherworld of seedy arms dealers, shifty intelligence agents, fast-talking thieves, and shady scrap sellers. Sensitive state-of-the-art weaponry and high technology appears to be changing hands; the kind of technology that a foreign government would do anything to obtain.

As the bodies pile up, St. James fights for his life and sanity as he struggles to solve the murders and undermine a treacherous espionage conspiracy.

(Minotaur Books – December, 2012)



“Outstanding…powerful prose that evokes a city still struggling to recover its infrastructure and identity elevates this well beyond most other contemporary PI novels.”
~Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

More high crimes and misdemeanors in this edgy new Cliff St. James thriller!
~Randall Fitzgerald, former Roving Editor of Reader’s Digest

“Kovacs (Storm Damage, 2011) maintains a fast pace, and his descriptions of a steamy, seamy, badly managed city that is failing to recover from Katrina are jolting and plausible.”

“With so many twists and turns, even the most devoted noir fan may wish they had a map. But it’s well worth trying to find the way.”
~Kirkus Reviews

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