Unseen Forces

unseenforces_dsMaverick archeologist Dr. Sky Wilder has never been able to prove any of his outside-the-box fringe theories… until now. When he breaks what had been an impenetrable code, he unearths a long-buried Egyptian stone tablet in Arizona’s Red Rock country. But he forgoes validation and peer acceptance to keep his discovery secret, for the ramifications of possessing the tablet will surely be deadly. Whoever possesses all three hidden tablets holds the key to locate an ancient alchemical text containing a formula for physical immortality. The bodies pile up as Wilder realizes he’s been set-up as a pawn, caught between opposing covert agencies and secret brotherhoods that have been warring for centuries.

Tasked with keeping Sky Wilder alive at all costs, Captain Diana Hunt, the U.S. military’s most accurate remote viewer – a “psychic spy” – knows that the players in this deadly game are not what they appear to be. As the trail leads to Asia and with a political assassination looming, Sky and Diana confront powerful forces of Nature and Man as they unravel the conspiracies and expose the true unseen forces behind their opponents – and allies.

Sky suffers from claustrophobia and achluphobia, unfortunate traits for a man who constantly faces the unknown blackness of the netherworld. Sky must overcome his debilitating phobias and Diana must confront her dark past as they challenge Simon Forte, a billionaire occultist, for possession of the Book of Spells.

(Ardelyan Press – November, 2004)



“Kovacs weaves Egyptian mythology, psychic spying, and a quest for the secret of eternal life into a spellbinding thriller that will keep you riveted well past midnight.”
~The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Indiana Jones on steroids. Kovacs adroitly embroiders an intellectual tapestry encompassing geography, history, and phenomenology all accented with action and intrigue.”
~Col. John Alexander, author of Future War

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