Ed proudly supports the following organizations. Please consider lending your support as well.

charities1Mith Samlanh – Awesome group dedicated to helping Cambodian street children. The first and only NGO (non-governmental organization) in Cambodia to win the “Best Practice Award for NGO Good Practice in Cambodia.” Visit their restaurant, “Friends,” in Phnom Penh.


IMA-logo-newIMA–International Medical Alliance of Tennessee – Friends of Ed! Low overhead 501(c)3 outfit, every penny goes to provide care. Incredibly dedicated volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists, and healthcare providers who respond at a moment’s notice to unfolding disasters in the U.S. and worldwide.


Montagnard Dega Association – If you read STORM DAMAGE then you know a tiny bit about America’s forgotten Vietnam War allies, the Montagnards. Please visit their website. MDA is a non-profit organization based in Greensboro, North Carolina.


Refugee Relief International – The only medical relief organization providing aid in war zones that other relief agencies won’t go to. An outstanding outfit, these volunteers are brave souls who have done a lot to help ethnic Burmese refugees—victims of genocide by the brutal, Chinese-backed military junta in Rangoon. Ed has visited some of the refugee camps on the Thai/Burma border and urges his readers to consider supporting this dedicated organization.