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Unseen Answers: An Interview With Ed Kovacs

Originally published on The Daily Grail: I had the privilege to interview author Ed Kovacs via email recently about his debut novel, Unseen Forces (Amazon US or UK). Ed is a conspiracy buff, psychic, amateur archaeologist, global adventurer, and Daily Grail reader from way back. I hope you enjoy the interview, and please, don’t be shy — join the discussion and post your thoughts. Rico: It must be a dream come true publishing your first novel. How did it all get started? Ed: An idea for a new writing project started to emerge back in 2000. I was burned-out on writing screenplays – I’ve written 30 under different pens names with 9 or 10 having been filmed – so I decided to finally do something I’d been procrastinating and write a novel. Professionally, I’ve done lots of different types of writing, such as journalism, ad copy, business plans, speeches, jokes… […]

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