Reviews for Good Junk

goodjunk_smallWell, we’re in that slack-off week between Christmas and New Year when I get to slack-off from my security gig here in Crapistan, Central Asia, and devote some time to writing.  And to promoting my new thriller novel, GOOD JUNK, which has been out for a couple of weeks now.

I’ve been very fortunate to get some terrific reviews.  And well, hell, let me share a few with you:

Good Junk received the rare honor of a *Starred,* boxed review from PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY:  “Kovacs outstanding second Cliff St. James novel…powerful prose that evokes a city still struggling to recover its infrastructure and identity elevates this well beyond most other contemporary PI novels.” ~Publisher’s Weekly

“The scenes of New Orleans are rich and real. Kovacs hopeless, elegiac vision of the city is touching, and his quick studies of hidden landmarks like the outré bar in the French Quarter that calls itself Pravda, and Pampy’s, a purveyor of soul food to politicians, are written with true affection and terrific humor.”  ~The New York Times Book Review

“Kovacs maintains a fast pace, and his descriptions of a steamy, seamy, badly managed city that is failing to recover from Katrina are jolting and plausible. Good Junk has plenty of action—and high-tech gadgetry, too—”  ~Booklist

“The action in “Good Junk” is fast and filled with multiple puzzles for St. James and his would-be lover to solve. A multitude of stealth gadgets, security gizmos and exploding pens worthy of James Bond are employed by St. James in the process.” ~Associated Press

“…always compelling…with so many twists and turns, even the most devoted noir fans may wish they had a map. But it’s well worth trying to find the way.”   ~Kirkus Reviews

“Kovacs bring(s) in the CIA, Russian mob assassins, Chinese dealers with vast clout and lots of tensely described violence…tight action, a guilt-ridden hero and neighborhood bars that are nice and seedy.” ~The Houston Chronicle


So if this is a slack-off week for you, too please feel free to friend me on Goodreads and post your own review after you read GOOD JUNK.


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